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    « Most of all, what impresses is how O jardim can turn an experience that few have had, the close familiarity with Alzheimer's, into something universal – as if you were actually in the disease, difference, essence of each one in the audience. I haven't identified myself with any specific situation or character, but in the end I felt more represented in the play than if I had participated in the scene. Hence the fantasy of being in front of Nelson Rodrigues, a dramatic poet like him. Another, in Brazil, such rare thing. »

Nelson de Sá – Cacilda Blog – Folha de São Paulo Newspaper

    « The group reveals in its third work a fast maturation and confirms the high expectations that fell upon it. Leonardo Moreira once again condenses into dramaturgy biographical materials offered by actors in a long process of creation and directs with firm hands a decisive scene. (...) If the myth of Pandora's box shows the dangers of searching the secrets of human soul, O jardim is not afraid of recognition by recall. Forgetting protects, but remember even more when the reminded revitalizes the present and creates great art, it frees. »

Luiz Fernando Ramos – Folha de São Paulo Newspaper

    « A sophisticated text with a fragmentary structure and a staging that challenges the audience to dive in this touching show. »

Dirceu Alves Jr. – Veja-SP Magazine

    « Leonardo Moreira is only 28 years old and shines writing about memories. »

Gabriela Melão - Folha de São Paulo