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Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Leonardo Moreira


Leonardo Moreira, director and author from São Paulo, cofounded Cia Hiato in 2008 together with Thiago Amaral, Aura Cunha, Maria Amélia Farah, Aline Filócomo, Luciana Paes, Paula Picarelli, and Fernanda Stefanski. Regarded as one of the most promising and talented theatre collectives working in Brazil, they stand out with their radical adaptations of repertoire texts such as O JARDIM and ODISSEIA.  

Through their collaboration, Leonardo and this group of co-creating actors fictionalize personal life stories and connect them with references to art, history or popular culture. This approach enables them to treat theatre as a place to infuse reality with fiction and fiction with reality: they lend their questions to dramaturgy, their names to characters, their personal experiences to creation, their lives to fiction. The company creates human and sensible places to humbly share stories with the audience: a storytelling from the heart that goes beyond the complexity of well-thought dramaturgical structures.


Over the years they created a body of work winning many prices in Brazil: CACHORRO MORTO (2008), ESCURO (2009), O JARDIM (2011), FICÇAO (2012), FICTIONS (2014), AMADORES (2017). Their performances have been touring worldwide from New York - Under the radar to Brussels - Kunstenfestivaldesarts as well as Berlin - HAU, Frankfurt - Mousonturm, Dresden - Hellerau, Vienna - Festwochen, etc.

In 2018 the company celebrates its 10 years of existence with the presentation of several works of the company in Sao Paolo and with the creation of their seventh production ODISSEIA (2018) in Onassis Cultural Center - Athens.