Joris Lacoste lives and works in Paris. He has been writing for theater and radio before starting to produce his own shows.

He created 9 Lyriques pour actrice et caisse claire and Purgatoire at the Theatre National de la Colline, where he has been associated author from 2007. Borrowing from literature, theater, visual arts, sound poetry, his work claims a strong research dimension.

Since 2004, Joris Lacoste has been interested in the possible artistic applications of hypnosis. He created under the research field named Hypnographie, several performances with a special mention to Le Vrai Spectacle - The True Show - presented in 2011 in the Festival d’Automne à Paris.

At the same time he develops two collective projects: The W project, a study of action in a performing situation, and L’Encyclopédie de la parole, an exploration of the spoken word in all its forms.

Since 2007, this group of musicians, poets, directors, visual artists, actors, sociolinguists, and curators have been collecting all sorts of word recordings and then indexing them on its website according to their particular properties or phenomena such as cadence, chorality, emphasis, saturation or melody. From this collection, which now includes about 800 sound documents, L’Encyclopédie de la parole produces sound pieces, performances and shows, lectures, games and exhibitions.

In 2016 / 2017 Joris Lacoste and L’Encyclopédie de la parole continue touring with Parlement and Suite N°2 - their last creation - while preparing two new performances for 2017: Suite N°3 ‘Europe’ and blablabla, solo for all ages.

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