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In Las ideas, Federico Leon’s last theatrical production, stages a real/fake work in progress: at his working desk (a ping-pong table), the artist gets hold of the ideas that come to his mind, he analyses them, confront them one another, tests them with a collaborator, questions them about the possibilities of staging them until a new production is made.

The spectators assist to the artists’ act of creation: we see him doubting, correcting, surfing the internet, video-editing, audio-mixing, writing text, looking for references both in his own memories and in his hard drive. The public is invited to enter his intimate world through a series of projections. Federico Leon “is not interested in the notion of risk, the decent and

sensitive feeling of vertigo” writes Alan Pauls, “he is interested in the notion of danger itself”

In Las ideas Federico León takes it’s chances walking on a tight rope, blurring the boundaries of reality and fiction, to stage the vertigo of creation.

Excerpt from the Festival d’Automne à Paris’ brochure




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