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Athens, Greece


Galaxy is a Dadaist game, a parade of dead heroes and anti-heroes, “dead” objects, ideas, art movements and figures of speech.

Galaxy is a durational performance, a game of improvisation with rules.

8 performers, standing in front of the audience, tell the stories of persons, famous or not, historical events, notions, theories, objects and words that no longer exist.

This endless parade of names and things crosses the centuries and the history of mankind, constantly playing with the crucial and the meaningless, with the comical and the dramatic, with the ridiculous and the sublime. The performers introduce themselves as dead people or dead references and edit in real time their brief biographies, describing how they died but basically what do they miss from life.

Galaxy is a new attempt to capture this weird melancholy one feels in front of the certainty of death, using the historical and the collective memory as the basic tool of narration.

Time of the audience arrival and leaving is kept open. There is no intermission. The spectators are free to leave and return any time they want, while this strange feast is going on and on. The performance continues, a bizarre celebration that must not be interrupted, a community of actors and spectators bound to recollect to the point of

exhaustion so as to comprehend the mysterious conditions that formed the way we live our lives today.