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The entire whole time

after The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams


Romina Paula was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. She graduated in Dramaturgy from the EMAD (academy of theatre, Buenos Aires). She trained as an actress with Alejandro Catalán, Ricardo Bartís and Pompeyo Audivert.

She performed in the theatre, notably under the direction of Pablo Ruiz in El Padre, Santiago Gobernori in Darío tiene momentos de soledad, and Daniel Veronese in La niña fría. She also acted under Gonzalo Martínez in La Pornografía and Los Demonios, and also for Michel Didym in El diván, and for Mariano Pensotti in La Marea.

In the cinema, she acted in La punta del diablo by Marcelo Paván, Resfriada by Gonzalo Castro, El hombre robado and Todos mienten by Matías Piñeiro and also in El estudiante by Santiago Mitre.

As a writer and director, she created the play Si te sigo, muero, inspired by the works of Héctor Viel Temperley, and then Algo de ruido hace, a play which won the Prix Metrovías a Guiones de Teatro 2006 and was included in the 6th festival Internacional de Teatro de Buenos Aires. This play got a lot of attention when it was put on at that Festival by her El Silencio Company, and joined the "Itinerarte" tour of Spain (with performances in San Sebastián, Santander and Segovia), then toured Europe and Brazil (Festival Porto Alegre em Scena); it was then included in the programme for the Festival el Quinto Argentino de Teatro de la ville de Santa Fe. In 2007, her play [chalet] received a commendation from the judges for the Prix Germán Rozenmacher, awarded for new dramaturgical work.

Romina Paula also staged the play Ciego de Noche, by Darja Stocker, at the Cycle Nouvelle dramaturgie organised by the Goethe Institut. In April 2008, she staged the play Todos los miedos by Mariana Chaud at the C.C.R.Rojas for the Cycle Decálogo – Indagación, based on the Ten Commandments. In May 2008 she travelled to Berlin on a Goethe Institut bursary to take part in a workshop directed by Renee Pollesch at the Berliner Festspiele German festival.

El tiempo todo entero, written for her own Company and produced in 2010, won the Estímulo "S" Prize. This play was invited to tour Europe in 2011, making the rounds of the biggest festivals, such as the Festival d’Automne in Paris, the festival Temporada Alta in Spain, the festival Teatro a Mil de Santiago in Chile, and the Naples International Festival.

In 2011, she wrote her third play, Fauna, which she produced with her Company in Buenos Aires in May 2013. Fauna was presented in France in the frame of the Festival d'Automne à Paris 2013, and was in tour in Europe.

In March 2014, in the Subsistances de Lyon, she creates, in response to a commission, a short play on the theme of "Happiness", Araucarias, in which she acts.

Romina Paula has published a novel, ¿Vos me querés a mí? and a short story, Autonomía in the anthology Buenos Aires/ Escala 1:1; her play Algo de ruido hace was published in the anthology Dramaturgias (Entropía Editions).

She has published the story Si llegás a faltar un verano in the anthology Mujeres Infieles with Emec Editions. Her second novel, Agosto, was a finalist for the Página/12 Prize for new novels and was published in September 2009 (Entropía Editions).

El Silencio. The theatre-company El Silencio was formed in 2006 when its members, Pilar Gamboa, Esteban Bigliardi and Esteban Lamothe came together to rehearse the play by Romina Paula, Algo de ruido hace, which she also directed.

They had already got to know each other in the acting workshops of Alejandro Catalán, where they had worked together on various projects in the context of these workshops. They rehearsed Algo de ruido hace all through the year 2006 and the play was performed at the Espacio Callejón on 21 February 2007.

The production run at this independent theatre lasted for two years, finishing up in December 2008. In 2007, the play was selected for the national programme of the 6th Festival Internacional de Teatro de Buenos Aires. In July 2008, the Company went on an "Itinerarte" tour in Spain (to San Sebastián, Santander and Segovia).

In September of the same year, the play was put on in Brazil, in the Festival Porto Alegre em Scena, and again in November at the Festival de Teatro de la Ciudad de Santa Fe. The actors and the director were nominated jointly for the Teatro del Mundo Prize for their work in Algo de ruido hace, and in 2007 Romina Paula was awarded the "S" Prize for writing and producing a new play.

In 2008, Algo de ruido hace was included in the programme "Formación de Espectadores", set up by Ana Durán. In May 2009, the company began rehearsing another play written by Romina Paula, El tiempo todo entero, and Susana Pampín joined the Company. In February 2010 the El Silencio Company put on
El tiempo todo entero at l’Espacio Callejón. This play is a reworking of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams.

Fauna is Romina Paula’s latest play. It is premiered in May 2013 at El Cultural San Martín, in Buenos Aires; and is on tour in Europe in November and December 2013.

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