© Ligne Directe 2010

Original creation for actors and musicians

conceived and directed by

Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis & L’Instant Donné

At times a crime story, at times a fairy tale, THE VISIT is a journey through the corridors of desire and memory.

Efthimis Filippou, Greek screenwriter awarded for his work on Yorgos Lanthimos’ movies,

writes THE VISIT as the subjective description of the woman’s dream exactly the time it is happening, at the exact time she is dreaming.

On stage, 4 men (2 actors and 2 musicians) and 2 women (1 actress and 1 musician).They are all the same age, around 40. They all embody multiple characters / roles that relate with the internal landscape of the woman in many ways.

THE VISIT occurs in an undefined space and time, an inter-world between dream and reality where truth and fantasy create friction.

Musical dramaturgy, conceived by French composer Bernard Cavanna and L’Instant Donné, is connected with the text and works as an organic, indispensable part of the whole creation rather than as a conventional soundtrack. Music plays with the shifts in the text and mingles different genres, just like various faces, languages, times and spaces are combined. Music as a dreamy echo chamber is part of the theatrical process.

With the help of the music and the text we enter the psyche of a woman who might be deranged or playing a wicked game. 

Download the artistic portfolio of the show : THE VISIT_ENG.pdf




June 2020

Greek National Opera, Athens (GR)

© Daniel Boudinet

Athens, Greece