Luis Guenel

Teatro Niño Proletario was created in 2005 by Luis Guenel, Sally Campusano, Francisco Medina et Catalina Devia. Its work consists in research and artistic creation. The name of this collective derives from Osvaldo Lamborghini’s work. In this text, the Argentinian writer describes the miserable life of a poor and discriminated against child. The roughness of his writing makes narration even more powerful.

The very essence of the topics and concerns Teatro Niño Proletario deals with comes through this work. Building on it, the collective investigates social divides and sheds light on marginalized people they hide. When showed on stage and embodied by artists, these gaps can pave the way to new possibilities by playing with viewers’ points of reference and analysis. 

In the past ten years, Teatro Niño Proletario has addressed questions of land, memory, gender, social classes, and identity through its works HAMBRE, TEMPORALEL OLIVO, EL OTRO and BARRIO MISERIA. The collective has developed a peculiar language while inviting major Chilean actors.

These works were performed on Chilean greatest stages and as famous festivals as: FITAM Santiago a Mil, Festival Cielos del Infinito, Festival Internacional de Teatro Zicosur de Antofagasta, Festival de Invierno de Calama; as well as throughout the world with EL OLIVO and EL OTRO touring in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia.

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Santiago, Chile


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