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THE MONEY is a cross between a game and a theatrical performance. You can choose to be either a Silent Witness and watch or a Player and take part in coming to a decision about how to spend a pot of real cash.

As a Player you can be as creative as you like. But you must come to an agreement with your fellow players before the timer runs out, and it must be within the law. If these conditions are not met, the money rolls over to the next group of Players. Silent Witnesses can buy in at any time and that can change everything.

The playful premise of this renowned work sets the stage for one of the most memorable conversations you’ll ever have or witness, as altruism butts heads with personal interests, personalities clash and hierarchies are upended.

The results may be as taut as a thriller or as ludicrous as a farce, but beneath it all you’ll be asking: are there really any values we can agree upon? Is a common ground the most uncommon thing of all? And ultimately, what is the most interesting thing we can do together that we couldn’t apart?