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While their home country, Greece, and Europe as a whole are on the brink of turmoil and crisis, the group Blitz chooses with Guns! Guns! Guns! to examine through a subjective appraisal of the twentieth century’s major events man’s capacity to change the world.

The piece is as much about assessing the chosen path as understanding how humanity has arrived at such an absurd situation: through a chaotic chronology, we try to account for the lack of logic of History itself.

The extensive use of photographic and sound archives is combined with a series of fake interviews, fake political speeches and fake newsletters, and yet everything is pitch perfect in this amusing historical romp, which simultaneously ridicules Hitler and superheroes. The temporal review is also a joyous stampede, deftly wielding humor and derision without

neglecting the occasional audience participation…

In a twentieth century timed to the percussive performance of the collective Blitz, Stalin encounters Elvis Presley and King Kong eats Andy Warhol’s banana! By assembling an improbable patchwork of recent history’s highlights, the cast presents a world in motion that is sometimes incomprehensible, but which, despite our mistakes, still merits attempts to revolutionize it.

Extract from the Festival Automne en Normandie website

Athens, Greece


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